How to Choose the Right Galapagos Islands Vacation?

An excursion to the Galapagos Islands is not at all a regular holiday; that is a reason why planning that journey is not an easy task anymore. There are lots more things to contemplate when considering your trip to the Galapagos, thus, allow us to assist you to understand what the perfect choice is for you. 


Step one: Opt for the journey form, cruise, and land-based choices. There are two different preferences for a Galapagos retreat: Cruises or land-based excursions (identified also as “island hopping” or “hotel-based outings”). Most of the people would like to syndicate both these to explore the most out of their best island experience with the Galapagos Islands vacation package, however, actually, either one is a remarkable way to travel around the Islands what are actually offered.


Viewing the Galapagos on a boat is the typical Galapagos travel experience. Many people choose to journey to Galapagos on a cruise for a number of reasons because offers the best opportunity to travel more islands consequently National Park tourist spots in very less time and exceptional quality of services are provided in the ships. The best way to visit the islands is by cruise ship (Islands which can be visited only in cruises itineraries like Rabida, Fernandina, and Genovesa among the others). Moreover ship size matters, larger ships will have better amenities, but is more crowded when you visit the islands, if you love, intimacy and feeling like home, smaller boats are the way to go.



Land-based expeditions have several benefits, which are available at reasonable prices and liberty to uphold your own timetable. They are particularly gorgeous for people who don’t rather have their oceanic legs and are likely to seasickness. 

They will allow you to get experience other activities which are not offered on boats such as climbing to the uppermost volcanoes, bicycling and SCUBA diving daytime excursions. 
Once you have chosen the cruise ship, here are a few other vital factors to think about. 

Step two: Choosing when to visit, however, there are two major periods in the Galapagos Islands: the dry season (from June to December) and the showery, hot time of year (from December to May). Even though there’s never a poor time to travel the Islands, the temperatures vary significantly between the periods, and the wildlife activity fluctuates with it. 


The dry climate that is also called as the “garua” season is considered by chilling temperatures, light noontime fogs, and extensive blue heavens. This is when sea creatures such as sea lions and fur seals are the most vigorous. Land birds are living at their top activity. Sea temperatures are lower throughout this season as a result of the Antarctic Humboldt current. The hottest weather gets more showers, but showers usually do not continue further and groundwater is rapidly engrossed by the absorbent volcanic earth. 

Throughout this season, the foliage is lavish and emerald, and the water spreads its highest temperatures. Island birds are full of life throughout this time. If you are seeing to save some money, contemplate planning your journey in April/ May or August/September, as even these whole months are deliberated the travel low-season, and several operators have greater accessibility and cut-rate pricing. 

The Galapagos Islands are the dreams travel by many people, and this destination offers an unmatched opportunity to communicate with the neighboring bold wildlife and explore a treasure of natural spectacles. Investigate the following info before planning your Galapagos Islands destination.