What Is The Best Time To Visit The Galapagos Islands?

The Galapagos Islands are truly one of the most wonderful archipelagos in the world. But very few people know, what are exactly the best times to visit the Galapagos Islands? When to visit the Galapagos thus, what is the best time to visit there? Of course, there is no exact time: any to visit “the Enchanted Islands”. But you must know something about island weather and other important factors in order to choose the time of year that will completely offer the things you want to explore and do the activities.


Despite the point that the Galapagos archipelago overlaps the Equator, the climate in the islands can be fairly adjustable. However, the number of hours of daylight the islets deal with day today is comparatively unchanging; many sea streams like the Humboldt meet there, carrying a chillier climate throughout several months of the year. The floras and faunas are naturally influenced by these alterations and other features of the great travel experience at Galapagos Islands travel – such as water perceptibility despite the fact that snorkeling or diving – are amazingly influenced too.

December – February:

Throughout these months, Galapagos is completely heating up. Normal regular temperatures increase, but it hardly catches intolerably warm. At the end of February, the scorching time of the year will be potentially busy. The water, as well, that will be heating, and various snorkelers will not even require a wet outfit. Traveler activity like Galapagos birding tours is usually low throughout these months, and early December is frequently a remarkable time for an ideal final deal, but the Christmas-New Year time is typically filled up to early January.


February – April:

These are the warmest months in Galapagos. The sun will be more heated and the warmth blazing. If you are not staying in a hotel with air-conditioning, you may have to face more heating. The water is agreeably hot, even though perceptibility is quite low. Traveler activity is low (except around Easter Week) and this is the best time to try to find a final deal.

May – July: 

The climate condition ultimately chilled, even though the water stays deep: some expert guides tell that May is their preferred month for tourists. Tourist activity points as colleges and schools take their summer vacations: so, the later second week of May or even, final deals is pretty stiffer to find. Afterward this time period, the islands might get chilled and the nights might be a little abrupt in some destinations.

August – November: 

These entire months are the calmest throughout the year in Galapagos. The “garua” (mist) shifts, which makes the islets and cities very hazy and vague. On some plateau treks, it will truly acquire pretty calm throughout this period and trekkers want a light, waterproof jacket. The water gets icier, and snorkelers who will be likely to get chilled might require a wetsuit. These are the perfect months for diving and snorkeling, though, because the chilled water is vibrant. After the month of August, traveling activity doze off: September is over and over again the best month for obtaining a perfect last-minute travel deal.