Special Deals: Last-Minute Sales for Galapagos Tours

You hear about special prices and discounts for last-minute travel all the time, but how exactly do you find them? It takes patience to snag these deals, but if you can wait until a few weeks before the time you want to go, you can find some stellar packages, especially if you want to tour the Galapagos Islands.

Tour the Galapagos Islands
Space is still available

The travel industry is still recovering from the pandemic and while many Americans are taking off on summer trips, cruise operators still have a lot of space available, especially in locations outside the U.S.  This means you don’t have to book a cruise to the Archipelago very far in advance, and you can afford to wait until about four to six weeks before you want to go to find Galapagos cruise promotions.

It is possible to wait until one to two weeks before you want to go – and you may be able to find some great  Galapagos last minute deals but is cutting it very, very close, and your chances of finding the tour you want are small (not to mention last-minute planning to go overseas would be very rushed). It’s better to start looking a couple of months in advance.

Find some great  Galapagos last minute deals
When is the best time to look?

The Galapagos has three periods each year when cruising will be at its best, although you can always call to find out if any deals will be available outside those times. Mid-April through May, July through early September, mid-December to mid-January are peak times.

Call tour operators and ask about Galapagos cruise promotions or if they know of any Galapagos last minute deals that have just appeared. Check with a tour operator, what their requirements for visas are and if there are any COVID-19 specific precautions you need to take, such as proving vaccination card, taking a test, or wearing masks.

Call tour operators and ask about Galapagos cruise promotions

You can find some of the best Galapagos cruises and great discounts if you wait a bit before scheduling your journey. Speak with tour operators about deals first, grab one, and then arrange your flight. You’ll soon be on the trip of a lifetime.

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