5 Reasons Why a Small Galapagos Cruises Can Be the Best Choice

Galapagos is an ideal holiday destination if you want to enjoy cruising on an affordable budget. A Galapagos Islands 8-day cruise will bring you an experience of a lifetime. You can explore the beautiful islands and incredible marine wildlife during the trip. On the other hand, the cruise operator has a significant role in converting your experiences into sweet memories.

Instead of choosing the large cruise operators, you will find more convenience with the small Galapagos cruises. In the following section, find the benefits of the small Galapagos cruises over the large cruises.

Galapagos Islands 8-day cruise

  1. Enjoy Exclusivity and More Personalized Experiences

On large cruises, you have several fellow travelers. The positive side is that you can meet new people and learn about each other during the trip. The negative side is the lack of personalized services that you can get on small cruises. Typically, a small cruise operates with a small number of guests. Therefore, it will render you a more personalized experience during the trip.

  1. Better Privacy for the Travelers

On small cruises, you will get excellent privacy. People visiting Galapagos Islands want peaceful and pristine surroundings. They look for a trip that brings them far from the urban noises. On a large cruise, you will find various types of travelers. As a result, the cruise will always remain bustling due to the presence of different tourists.

Most visitors seek privacy at the Galapagos Islands cruise deck while watching the sunset on a beautiful evening. Your experience will be more memorable if you choose the small cruises for your Galapagos Islands tour.

  1. Perfect for families and friends

The best cruises in Galapagos have fixed schedules or itineraries. However, small cruises are perfect for families or friends reunions, as they want to provide a more personalized experience for the guests. You can enjoy a more intimate on board experience while exploring the untamed Galapagos Islands.

The activities are more flexible on a smaller cruise. The guides can be more pliable when you pick adventure activities for your small cruise. Typically, large cruises cannot offer a personalized experience due to the presence of multiple guests. It is impossible to listen to the demands of guests and customize services for them. Therefore, large and small cruises follow a particular schedule for exploring the places and indulging in adventure activities.

Eco-friendly Tourism Opportunity

  1. Small Cruises Are More Affordable

It would be best if you chose the small cruises to experience the best Galapagos cruises at the most affordable rate. The cost of small cruises is also negotiable if you customize the itinerary. However, it does not mean that small cruises do not offer the same comfort as large ones. On small cruises, you can find cozy accommodations, excellent food, and all other necessary facilities to make your trip to Galapagos Islands memorable.

  1. Eco-friendly Tourism Opportunity

Choosing small cruises for the Galapagos Islands is an eco-friendly option. Small cruises consume less energy than large cruises. Therefore, picking small cruises is better for the environment.

So, these are the top five reasons to choose a small Galapagos cruise itinerary. Tip Top Travel offers an excellent cruising experience in Galapagos Islands, and travelers can choose budget-friendly and cozy small cruises from the tour operator.

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